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Who Are 999 Date & And What Is Uniform Dating?

999Date.co.uk is a specialist online dating service offering uniform lovers a dating service including emergency services dating and military dating.

If you are looking to date somebody in the emergency services or armed forces then there are additional considerations that you will need to be think about.

When contemplating dating a Policeman, dating a Nurse or Doctor, dating a fireman or dating a soldier, sailor or airman you must be aware of, and able to deal with the lifestyle. Long shifts, unusual shift patterns or extended periods away from home can be difficult to get used to and this is why 999 Date exists.

999 Date brings people together who are aware of the difficulties that dating can present for for the essential services. 999 Date is not just for members of the emergency services or armed forces, normal civilians are also allowed to join. The reason for this is that a policewoman, firefighter, nurse or paramedic etc may want to date somebody who is not in any of the the services.

999 Date is part of the large Dating Café Group. With over 50 mainstream and niche online dating sites the Dating Café Group aims to make dating online a simple process that is accessible to anybody.