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Staying Safe When Dating Online

Online dating has become extremely popular. We all lead busy lives and don't always have the inclination to go out to a bar or an event etc in order to hope that we will find a date.

Some people will have you believe that internet dating is unsafe and much worse than traditional dating methods but that is not really the case. If you do not exercise care and attention then all forms of interaction with people, whether dating or otherwise, have the potential of going wrong.

Dating online is a far easier and a far better way to date, especially when considering uniform lovers dating, emergency services dating or any other type of niche dating from which you would like to find a date. Imagine the difficulty of finding a policeman or fireman to date by simply going to singles events or bars.

At the 999 Date online dating site you can date a nurse or doctor, befriend a paramedic, or start dating a policeman much quicker. From the comfort of your own home you can search and interact with uniformed singles without having to commit to meeting until you feel entirely comfortable to do so.

Below you will find a number of safety tips, these do not apply solely to uniform lovers dating or emergency services dating but also to all other types of online dating. Many of these tips also apply to traditional dating methods too.

The important thing though is to remember, dating is fun. You will meet friends and lovers online, most people you come across are decent friendly individuals who are just looking for fun, friendship, love or romance. So be aware of the safety tips below and practice them, but don't let them spoil your journey.

Online Dating The Safe Way

Whatever method of dating you decide to use you must remain aware that although the majority of people you meet will be honest and decent there is always be a possibility of meeting somebody who is not. Using care and your given gifts of common sense and intuition you should find your internet dating experience will be fun and fruitful.

Below we have produced a list of some of the key safety tips for online dating, it is not conclusive and is no substitute for your gut feeling. Remember, if it doesn't feel right to you then it probably isn't.

Sign Up For A Free eMail Account

Use one of the many companies such as MSN, Google or Yahoo to get a free email address. The benefits to be gained from this is anonymity and the ability to easily close the account thus receiving no more emails on it should communications with a potential date go horribly wrong.

Additionally, with a free email address it is easier to keep any received or sent communications private from friends or family who may have access to your computer because you can login and check them online at a time that suits.

Remember, when creating a free email address never use your last name, just use your first name, a nickname or alias and numbers.

Do Not Share Personal Information When Dating Online

All online dating sites within the Internet Dating Network are partnered with experts in the field of online dating who are dedicated to keeping your details private. But, just because we have security protocols in place does not mean that you shouldn't take some responsibility for your security and safety too.

Never use your full name in any communications and if you are asked for it by a potential date. Any potential date is not worth continuing communication with if they don't respect your decisions regarding safety and privacy. Also initially don't tell people you address or telephone number nor where you work. You should probably wait until you have met them more than once, but your gut feelings should tell you when you are comfortable.

Always Ask For A Recent Photo

The 999 Date uniform lovers dating site and all other online dating sites that are part of the Internet Dating Network offer the facility to include one or more photos. A photo will help you to determine if a potential date is being honest with you regarding their appearance.

It is possibly best to cease communication with anyone who flatly refuses to give you a photo or tries to come up with an excuse. It may be because they are married or just don't want you to know what they really look like.

Reserve Trust For Those Who Have Earned It

Always remember, the 25 year old single accountant could be 45 years old, married and unemployed. It is easier to lie online about age and looks but remember even through traditional dating routes some people give themselves false identities.

Just because it is easier to lie online it is important to remember that most people are being honest because they want to find friends or romance. Just be wary of it and withhold some of the trust until they have earned it.

Rely On Your Intuition

We all have intuition, that gut feeling that you get the first time you see or speak with somebody. Sometimes these intuitive feelings are wrong, and sometimes right but when dealing with strangers it is always best to err on the side of caution if you have doubts.

Never worry about upsetting people, you do not have to be rude but if a potential date makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason whatsoever then cease communication and move on.

Keep track of what has been said in previous communication with you by any potential date and read between the lines. It is harder to maintain a lie over a period of time too so take things slowly, if you notice inconsistent stories then it maybe better to break it off.

If You Are Worried Speak To Your Online Dating Site

Remember that the customer support team of your online dating site are there for you. Do not hesitate to report fears or concerns to them, it is their job and they will be happy to help you.

Keep Things Slow

Online dating inevitably offers the ability to speed up the dating process and put you in touch with potential dates faster, but remember you should still take things slow.

If somebody is not being straight with you it will be far easier to spot over a period of time than it would if you relied on 2 emails, give yourself time to get a gut feeling before you commit to a meeting. Don't be frightened to ask for evidence of a storyline that is giving you cause for concern because truly interested potential partners will understand and wish to put your mind at rest. As before, if you feel uncomfortable then move on.

Talk On The Phone

So, you have been communicating via emails, chat rooms or Instant Messaging, and now you think that you would like to take it further. The next step is to talk on the phone. It is best to give a mobile phone number as home phone numbers can easily be used to find your address. Alternatively use a public telephone.

The First Meeting

Choose a Location Carefully

With traditional dating methods the first meeting will may be cast in stone for you because it will be wherever you meet your date. With online dating however you have the ability to choose a mutually acceptable location that you feel comfortable about before ever you meet.

Always choose a busy public location, that popular high street cafe, or restaurant may be a perfect location. If possible choose somewhere that you are familiar with.

Always Tell a Friend

Use your friends, find somebody you trust and tell them when and where where you are going, if you feel more comfortable then take them along, they don't have to sit with you, just have them keep an eye on you. Initial meetings will give you the best gut response, if you do not feel comfortable then simply make your excuses and leave.

If Possible Use Your Own Car

You wouldn't accept a lift from a stranger so remember that this person is just that. If you drive yourself you can keep your address or hotel secret and leave when you want to leave.

Never Leave Drinks Unattended

Unattended drinks are an easy target, never leave drinks whilst you go elsewhere and always either buy your own or be present when you are bought one. It is too easy to slip something into your drink. Be on your guard at all times, it is probably better to avoid alcohol on a first date as it can impair your judgement.

Keep Your Address To Yourself

On a first date remember to keep your home address or hotel address private. If you decide to spend more time with this person you can always divulge it at a later date.

Remember Online Dating Is Fun

We want you to have fun dating online, you will find that our uniform lovers dating site is a safe and friendly environment to be in, the tips above are just for your safety and apply wherever you decide to go to find a date.